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The Mission of Building a Stronger Wisconsin
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The Mission of Building a Stronger Wisconsin

Building a Stronger Wisconsin is an independent advocacy organization whose purpose is to publicly promote policies that maintain Wisconsin's high quality of life. Recently, the US Supreme court has told us that the best way to promote free speech is with more speech, not less. We will continue to speak up in favor of the issues that we believe will keep building a stronger Wisconsin now and into the future.

Building a Stronger Wisconsin helps increase public awareness of the importance of job growth, quality education, affordable health care, fair taxation and a strong infrastructure. Without investment in schools, roads, utilities, housing and health care, we will not be able to build the stronger Wisconsin necessary to maintaining the high quality of living our citizens have come to expect.

Established in 2007, Building a Stronger Wisconsin has been recognized as a tax exempt advocacy organization under 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.



Highlights of a Stronger Wisconsin:

National: WI #3 in Conducting Elections

Building a Stronger Wisconsin means making sure citizens have confidence in the way elections are run. The Pew Center on the States ranks Wisconsin #3 in the nation in how our thousands of local election officials administer elections. Click here to read more.